Project Development

Consultation, planning and development

EMMVEE is a competent partner, experienced in planning and development of solar power systems at home and abroad. Time-served engineers ensure the very best EMMVEE quality standards through careful project development. Project development by EMMVEE includes the complete design of a PV project - from site selection and the planning approval process through to technical implementation planning.

This service is offered by EMMVEE not merely for its own projects, but for investors too.

Expert advice and detailed planning by the EMMVEE project development team ensure smooth and timely power plant construction.


EMMVEE as EPC provider

Planning and construction of ‘turnkey’ solar power plants

EMMVEE offers tailor-made complete solutions for the construction of turnkey solar power plants. As an EPC company, EMMVEE provides in-house design and construction services for building the solar power plants. Our range of services includes technical planning of system, selection of the best components and professional installation; everything under one roof.

GeneralContractorOur own solar module production allows precise coordination of every system component. Consequently, solar power plants become more efficient and reliable offering secure long-term profits.

EMMVEE monitors the implementation of the PV project, co-ordinating all construction phases and controlling the quality of installation work. The careful co-ordination of deadlines provides timely grid connections of large-scale PV systems. Yield losses due to deadlock can be avoided.

This results in PV power plants which are reliable over the long-term.

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System Components

Mounting system

Every PV project is unique and requires customized assembly solutions. Whether roof-top systems on steeply sloping roofs or ground mounted installations on uneven terrain. EMMVEE is always looking the optimal elevation for the prospective project. Our solar specialists have amassed years of experience in building reliable solar plants across the globe.


EMMVEE pays particular attention to the flexibility of its mounting systems, as well as the stability. Fast installation and stable adjustment of the module tilt angle are paramount, not only for the timely construction of the plant, but also for the overall efficiency of the system.

Before selecting the system uprights, one undertakes a comprehensive analysis of site-specific weather and soil conditions. The mounting system must provide stable support for the modules during periods of snow and extreme winds. For safe operation and longevity of a solar power plant, EMMVEE use only quality finished materials with the very best corrosion protection. The use of appropriate mounting systems and their professional installation ensure high levels of security and safeguard the system’s yield.


EMMVEE utilizes its own PV modules for its project installations. EMMVEE’s modules are always known for its high quality and transparency in usage of the components from respected manufacturers. EMMVEE produces mono- and polycrystalline PV modules from 175 Wp - 300 Wp ranges.


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Reference Projects

EMMVEE has already successfully completed two projects amounting to 14 MW in Germany with one of them being roof-top and the other free-field installation.

Location Doberschütz, Sachsen
Year of Commissioning 2012
Installed Capacity 1.4 MWp
Module type ES-230 P 60 (225 W) & ES-190 P 48
Glass type Albarino P & Flat glass
No. of modules 6478
Inverter type Power-One PVI-12.5 (103 nos) & PVI-10.0 (10nos)
Roof orientation & inclination South, West and East 15°
Project Development and EPC Emmvee Photovoltaics GmbH
Customer Solar Park
Location Bronkow
Year of Commissioning 2012
Installed Capacity 11.425 MWp
Module type EMMVEE Diamond Mono 225-250Wp
Glass type Flat Glass
Number of modules 46,600
Project Development and EPC Emmvee Photovoltaics GmbH


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